Child and Family Services

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center provides a variety of services to children and primary caregivers of children exposed to rape, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking. Our trauma-informed and sexual assault specific child services work collaboratively with the non-offending caregiver(s) to help children grow into healthy, strong and safe adults. With the right kind of support, children exposed to rape and sexual abuse can recover and live healthy and happy lives.


Early Childhood Mental Health Services

These services are for children ages 0-8 exposed to rape or sexual abuse (experienced or witnessed). Our trained and licensed Early Childhood therapists provide in-home counseling, if needed.


Counseling is available for children ages 8-17. We provide a wide variety of developmentally appropriate ways for children to express and heal from their trauma, such as art and play therapy. Services are offered in our offices in Cleveland, Mentor, Chardon, Ashtabula, and Westlake.

Caregiver Support Counseling

We provide counseling for any caregiver of a child exposed to rape, sexual abuse or sex trafficking.

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation is a child- and family-centered brief intervention (2-3 sessions) after the discovery or disclosure of a child’s exposure to rape or sexual abuse.

Victim Assistance

Victim Specialists support children and families through the criminal justice process, as well as medical exams. Those who have experienced rape or sexual abuse often don’t know what to expect when they go to the hospital or to the police to report the crime. Advocates can help by providing support, knowledge and access to resources. Cleveland Rape Crisis Center Victim Specialists are ready to assist any family reporting a crime and link them to help and resources.

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