Our Commitment to Quality

As outlined in its Core Values & Guiding Principles, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center is committed to providing a safe, welcoming, healing, and respectful environment where survivors and their loved ones find support.

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center is committed to providing excellent services to each of its clients, and to ensuring that our clients’ rights are protected.

The Center’s Client Handbook provides an overview of the rights of all clients of the Center, regardless of which program they access, how to address any concerns should they arise, and the responsibilities of clients when accessing services with the Center.

If you are a client, or the significant other or legal guardian of a client, and you have a concern or complaint, please bring it to the attention of the Center’s Client Rights Officer so that we can support discussion and resolution of the concern:

Jessica Martin, Chief Client Services Officer
(216) 920-2663

Client Handbook

View Cleveland Rape Crisis Center's Client Handbook.