For Students

It is never too early to educate children and young adults about the effects their words and actions have on others and what they should do if someone hurts them, a sibling or a friend.

Our programs are empowering, interactive and tailored to your group’s age and needs. We customize our prevention programs to meet the changing needs of diverse communities.

For elementary, middle- and high-school students in any setting, including in the classroom, after-school programs and community centers. Sessions are intended to be 45 minutes in length or more unless noted.

Classroom and After-School Programs for Children and Youth

Age-appropriate programs developed for schools and youth service organizations. Cleveland Rape Crisis Center presents at Cuyahoga County schools and after-school organizations on topics related to prevention of rape and sexual abuse, healthy relationships, warning signs of abuse and where to seek help.

Child Safety Matters®

MBF Child Safety Matters® is a comprehensive, evidence-based prevention education program for elementary school students in grades K-5. The program teaches students and adults how to prevent, recognize, and respond appropriately to the four types of child abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, neglect), bullying, cyberbullying, and digital dangers.

Catalyst Program

Includes three 1-hour sessions designed to educate middle and high school students on how to become catalysts for change, and how to make a healthier, safer and better community in all their spheres of influence.

  1. Bystander Intervention: Students will learn strategies to safely intervene when they notice unsafe situations.
  2. Healthy Relationships: Students will be able to identify warning signs and risks of an unhealthy relationship and set goals for their own relationships.
  3. Consent, Coercion and Assault: Students will have a facilitated, in-depth conversation about consent: what it actually is and that without it, actions could be considered coercive or abusive.

Human Trafficking

We will define human trafficking and discuss red flags, risk factors, and what to do if you identify a trafficker or a victim/survivor of trafficking. This workshop will help students know how to connect with local and national resources that support victims.


Gender-Specific Programs

The Center’s gender-specific programs create a safe and empowering space for young men and women to strengthen self-esteem and resiliency. Curricula for these programs come from One Circle Foundation.

The Council for Boys and Young Men®

A strengths-based group approach to promote boys’ and young men’s safe and healthy passage through pre-teen and adolescent years. In this structured environment, boys and young men gain the vital opportunity to address masculine definitions and behaviors and build capacities to find their innate value and create good lives -individually and collectively!

Girls’ Circle

A structured support group for girls and gender-expansive youth from 9-18 years which integrates relational theory, resiliency practices, and skills training. Designed to increase positive connection, strengths, and competence in girls.

The Council for Boys and Young Men® and Girls’ Circle can be offered in the summer with a minimum of 15 students to participate.


Youth Advisory and Leadership Alliance

Youth 360, a youth-led violence prevention program, is based on the resiliency theory. Young people need and deserve an opportunity to lead the conversation about prevention of rape and sexual abuse. Up to 30 young leaders from high schools throughout Cuyahoga County participate in this year-long program, in which participants learn how to be effective leaders in the movement to end rape and sexual abuse. Youth 360 members discuss dynamics of sexual assault, healthy relationships and a variety of other topics. Over the course of the year, students choose, plan and implement a community prevention project of their own.


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