Crisis & Support Hotline

Ask someone who knows. Talk to someone who cares.


Crisis and Support Hotline: Call or Text (216) 619-6192 or (440) 423-2020


Cleveland Rape Crisis Center Advocates are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to listen and help you.

It’s easy to access the Crisis and Support Hotline anytime of the day or night:

  • Call or text (216) 619-6192 or (440) 423-2020
  • Chat online by clicking “Chat Now” above. (If you chat using a mobile device, and experience connectivity issues, please access the hotline via text for faster assistance.)

We’re here to listen and help whether you were hurt yesterday, last week, months ago or decades ago.

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center serves survivors of rape and sexual abuse in Northeast Ohio, including Cuyahoga County, Lake County, Geauga County and Ashtabula County. For a list of resources in other areas, please view our Additional Resources page.

How can the hotline help me?

  • We will believe and listen to you
  • Confidential, judgment-free support
  • Resources that can assist with your next steps toward healing and recovery
  • Referrals for immediate and long-term support

Who can use the hotline?

  • Any survivor of rape, sexual abuse, sexual assault or exploitation
  • Women, men, teenagers, adults, children – any age
  • Friends, family and supporters of survivors of rape or sexual abuse
  • Professionals who support sexual assault and sexual abuse survivors

When should I use the hotline?

  • Call or text (216) 619-6192 or (440) 423-2020 or chat online at any hour of the day or night
  • Immediately after a rape or sexual abuse, or years or decades later

Why use the hotline?

  • You just need someone to talk to
  • You are having trouble sleeping, having nightmares or anxiety
  • You are seeking information, resources or wondering what to do next
  • You are wondering how to help someone who has been raped or sexually abused

Is it anonymous?

  • Yes. We won’t ask you for any identifying information; how much information you share with us is completely up to you.

Who staffs the hotline? Who will I be speaking with?

  • You will speak with a specially trained Cleveland Rape Crisis Center Advocate. Our Hotline Advocates are specially trained and are here to listen, support and help you.