Community Outreach

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center’s community outreach program spreads the word about our services while raising awareness about issues surrounding rape and sexual abuse. We invite you to spread the word and join us in this movement to prevent these crimes in our community.



In the Community

We distribute literature at health fairs, schools, college campuses, church events and other community events. We partner with other community-based programs to help spread the word about how to prevent rape and sexual abuse in our community.


We provide training for medical professionals, schools, teachers, parent groups, and other groups of adults about how to prevent rape and sexual abuse, and about the services that Cleveland Rape Crisis Center offers in our community.

Contact Us

Want to request a representative from Cleveland Rape Crisis Center to distribute our literature at your upcoming event, or present to your group? Contact Alexander Leslie at or (216) 658-1860, or request an education program online.