For College Students

You are not alone.

Navigating Title IX and campus reporting processes can be difficult for survivors of rape, sexual abuse, and sexual assault on college campuses. If you or someone you care about is a survivor, whether you were hurt recently or a long time ago, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center is here to support you, every step of the way.

Access counseling, support groups, help with reporting and legal processes, all at no cost to you, at the Center’s many community locations.

Make An Appointment
Make an appointment today to access healing services at Cleveland Rape Crisis Center. Call (216) 619-6192, or request an appointment online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to make an appointment, and learn more about your options.

If you need an interpreter, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center will request one for you at no cost (free). 

Healing Services
Cleveland Rape Crisis Center can help you and your loved ones recover and heal. We provide support and expertise with reporting to police, on-campus processes, and navigating the criminal justice system. Individual therapy and support groups can help you process your experiences, develop healthy ways of coping, and find that you are not alone.

Assistance with transportation to appointments is available to many clients. Please ask for details when making your appointment.

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center’s community outreach program engages with community members and provides education about rape and sexual abuse in our community. Request Cleveland Rape Crisis Center to speak to your group, or partner with your event. Please contact us with your request.

Sexual Violence Prevention and Professional Training
Cleveland Rape Crisis Center provides prevention education programs and professional training services for a fee. Please contact us or request a professional training online for additional information.

Know Your IX (Empowering students to end sexual and dating violence in their schools)

Need Help Now?
We are here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Chat online, text or call the Crisis & Support Hotline at (216) 619-6192 to speak with our advocates any time of the day or night, for support and information to help you or a loved one.