Campus Services

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Cleveland Rape Crisis Center offers on-campus services at many of Northeast Ohio’s colleges and universities. Get connected with counseling, victim assistance and comprehensive services at the following locations:

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center is also available to provide advocacy on campus at Cleveland Institute of Art and Ursuline College upon request.

Please feel free to schedule an appointment using one of the options listed below, or text/call our 24-hour Crisis and Support Hotline for immediate assistance.

Need Help Now?

Even if your campus isn’t listed above, our phone and text 24-Hour Crisis and Support Hotline is available to anyone who needs immediate assistance at (216) 619-6192 or (440) 423-2020. You can also chat online to learn more about counseling and/or advocacy available to you through our main office in downtown Cleveland.

Who are these services for?

We are here for everyone!  If you were hurt during childhood, prior to coming to campus, or looking for information to help someone that you care about, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center is here for YOU.

What are my options?

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center offers comprehensive services at no cost to you. There are several ways we can support you through your healing process.

Schedule an Appointment

Contact us at (216) 619-6194, ext. 141, request an appointment online, or stop by a campus satellite office during walk-in office hours.

Counseling Services

Counseling services are available for students, faculty and staff members impacted by rape and sexual abuse, including short-term counseling and priority services for anyone who has been assaulted within the last 30 days.

Support and Victim Assistance

Victim Specialists are here to offer expertise, support and information for students, faculty and staff who have been hurt.  Victim Specialists are not obligated to report any information to the institution.

A Victim Specialist will:

  • Believe all survivors and work to uphold their rights
  • Provide information about the campus conduct, Title IX and criminal justice processes
  • Empower survivors to make their own informed decisions
  • Support survivors during communication with their families, medical, court, police or campus personnel
  • Accompany survivors to appointments with on-campus staff, prosecutors, police and Title IX
  • Connect survivors to additional supportive resources
  • Assist in developing a case-specific safety plan for all survivors

Training and Technical Assistance

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center collaborates with many campuses in an ongoing effort to improve trauma-informed care and response protocols, raise awareness and provide educational programs.

For Campus Professionals: Making Referrals

Please refer individuals to our Intake Line at (216) 619-6194 ext. 141, weekdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., to schedule an appointment.  For immediate response, please text or call our 24-hour Crisis and Support Hotline at (216) 619-6192 or (440) 423-2020 or chat with us online 24/7.  Trained Advocates are ready to answer questions and respond appropriately based on the needs and requests of survivors and their loved ones.

Campus Services Team

Alexander Leslie, Senior Director of Educational Services
Pronouns: he, him, his
(216) 658-1860 or

Vanessa Sampsel, Manager of Campus Services
Pronouns: she, her, hers
(216) 970-7446 or

Chelsea Daniel, Victim Services Coordinator
Pronouns: she, her, hers
(216) 973-0019 or

Jaliah Neely, Campus Outreach Specialist
Pronouns: she, her, hers
(216) 619-6194 or

Request an Appointment

Call (216) 619-6194 ext. 141, or request an appointment online.


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