Self-Care Tips from Sexual Assault Survivors

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Self-Care Tips from Sexual Assault Survivors

Self-care is a vital part of the healing process for many survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Just as no two healing journeys look alike, there’s no one “right way” to practice self-care.

Below, we list new tips that survivors are using right now to support their own healing. Consider what practices you currently have in place, and think about what new activities might strengthen your relationship to yourself and benefit your overall well-being.

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15 Survivors Share Their Self-Care Practices

For National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we asked survivors in our community to share which practices help them the most in their healing journeys. Here’s what they said:

Self-Expression as Self-Care

  • “Writing my story down.”
  • “Talking about how I feel. Whether with a counselor, a trusted friend, or by journaling.”
  • “I got a tattoo to remind me of my strength.”
  • “I bullet journal. It helps me take things one day, one week, one step at a time.”


Therapeutic Practices

  • “I take 30 minutes each day to practice deep breathing. This has helped me focus on the present moment.”
  • “Therapy and talking about it helped me the most.”
  • EMDR, art therapy, support groups, and tapping, and reading about trauma.”


Deep breath


Activities You Enjoy

  • “Spending time with my horse has helped my healing journey.”
  • “I learned about myself. I discovered what I like to do and focused on it.”


Physical Self-Care

  • “On tough days, wear the softest outfit you can find!”
  • “I feel better when I can get outside each day, even if it’s only for a few minutes.”
  • “Yoga.”


Positive Messages and Affirmations

  • “Listening to other survivors’ stories on YouTube. Watching them win gives me strength.”
  • “Look for the beauty inside of you, unapologetically!”
  • “I look at myself in the mirror daily and say ‘I love you.’ It is healing and helpful!”


Looking for additional tools for your self-care toolkit? Read below:


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