For Male Survivors: Five Things to Know

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At least 1 in 71 men in Ohio are survivors of rape. Cleveland Rape Crisis Center offers services for male survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

Below are five things for male survivors of rape to know if they’re thinking about reaching out for help.

1. You are not alone.
Rape or sexual abuse of males is more common than many people may realize. In fact, 10% of the clients that Cleveland Rape Crisis Center serves are men.

2. Recognizing that you might need help is a sign of strength, not weakness.
Survivors of any gender may have emotions and feelings about the assault, and that’s normal. You are not weak because of the incident or because you want to come forward. Getting help is a way to process the trauma and begin to heal.

3. Being a survivor of rape or sexual abuse does not determine your sexual orientation.
Sexual orientation is not determined by the encounters you have. Whether or not your body responded doesn’t mean that you wanted it to happen.

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4. It’s never too late to get help.
Rape and sexual abuse affect everyone in different ways, and there is no right or wrong way to begin to heal. Recovery is possible by learning about trauma and making a plan to develop and implement specific skills. Options such as individual counseling and support groups can help you determine the best path to healing for you.

5. You deserve to heal from the trauma.
No one chooses to be a victim of rape or sexual abuse, and it was never your fault. And, survivors do not have to suffer from trauma for the rest of your life. Survivors of rape and sexual abuse have the power within themselves to recover and live happy and healthy lives.


What Are My Options?

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center provides comprehensive services to survivors of rape and sexual abuse of any gender identity. We’re here for you.

24/7 Crisis & Support Hotline
Individual Counseling
Support Groups
Victim Assistance


1 in 6
Provides resources to male survivors of rape and sexual abuse and raises awareness.

Bristlecone Project
Shares stories of male survivors and words of hope.