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Why it could take decades to report sexual assaults (

September 25, 2018

“In the weeks since Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, two women have come forward accusing the judge of sexual assault. In response, some people ask: Why come forward now? Why are the details of the incidents so vague? Why weren’t the incidents reported to the police at the time? “The alleged incidents occurred...continue

4 Things You Can Do for Campus Safety Awareness Month

September 12, 2018

Did you know that September is National Campus Safety Awareness Month? Whether you are a student, parent, or a community member looking to make a difference, here are four ways you can help support college students this fall. 1. Help spread the word about resources for survivors on campus Cleveland Rape Crisis Center provides services...continue

Sexual Assault on College Campuses; Understanding Consent (Sound of Ideas)

August 21, 2018

“College students are back on campus, some for the first time. An important part of getting ready, beyond move-in day and a trip to the bookstore, is a frank conversation about sexual assault and the importance of consent in any relationship and throughout any sexual encounter. How should you talk about it with your student,...continue

Teaching parents how to spot signs of sexual abuse in kids (Cleveland 19 News)

August 10, 2018

“As students head back to school, there is some important information parents need to know to make sure their children stay safe.” “…Experts with the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center said parents need to trust their gut. “‘If something feels wrong, it probably is wrong,’ Alexander Leslie, Senior Director of Educational Services for the Cleveland Rape...continue

Letter to the Editor: What can men learn from #MeToo? (

August 6, 2018

“A recent letter to the editor in The Plain Dealer asked the question: How can we help young boys and decent men who want to learn from the MeToo movement? “Most men don’t commit acts of violence; yet many of us tolerate behaviors that are harmful against women, children and other men. “Where to start? Here are...continue

Murder, Domestic Violence Linked (Ashtabula Star Beacon)

July 30, 2018

“Unfortunately, when we look at most of the recent homicides in Ashtabula County they all have a common thread — domestic violence. “We don’t know yet who killed Rand Hilal al Dulaimi, but we know her estranged husband is a person of interest and we know she spent time at Homesafe, where those who knew her said she...continue

Solon Hosts Human Trafficking Seminar and Town Forum (

July 5, 2018

“While online technology has led to exponential increases in human trafficking, it is by no means a new crime. “‘It is a very old crime — it’s just been given a new name,’ Sr. Anne Victory stated at a June 26 forum put on by the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking. ‘It used to go by a...continue

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center to Host OCVJC Victims’ Rights Training on August 8, 2018

June 28, 2018

Crime Victims’ Rights in Ohio Post Marsy’s Law Cleveland Rape Crisis Center will host the Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center’s Victims’ Rights Training on August 8, 2018 from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Register at the OCVJC website today! Where: Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, Halle Building Conference Room, 1228 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115 (parking...continue

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