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Sexual Assault on College Campuses; Understanding Consent (Sound of Ideas)

August 21, 2018

“College students are back on campus, some for the first time. An important part of getting ready, beyond move-in day and a trip to the bookstore, is a frank conversation about sexual assault and the importance of consent in any relationship and throughout any sexual encounter. How should you talk about it with your student, young women and men, and what are colleges doing, or what should they do, to make campus safer?

“We’ll discuss sexual assault prevention on college campuses and why a change in guidelines for handling allegations is seen as a step back by victims’ advocates. And we’ll cover the importance of talking to our college-bound kids.”


– Karen Kasler, Statehouse News Bureau
– Alex Leslie, Senior Director of Educational Services, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center
– Rachel Lutner, Director, Office for Institutional Equity, Title IX Coordinator, Cleveland State University
– Dr. Lisa Damour, Psychologist and Author


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