For LGBTQI+ Survivors: Four Things to Know

June 29, 2017

Members of the LGBTQI+ community are not immune to rape or sexual abuse.  In fact, studies show that people who self-identify as LGBTQI+ are more likely to have experienced some sort of sexual trauma in their lifetime. Dealing with trauma associated with rape or sexual abuse on top of sexual orientation and gender-based discrimination and...continue

How to Support a Family Member or Friend Who is a Survivor

June 25, 2017

When someone you care about confides in you that they have experienced rape or sexual abuse, it can be a challenging conversation. You may feel that you want to help them, but maybe aren’t sure how, or what to say. Below are eight suggestions for ways to support a friend or family member who is...continue

5 Self-Care Tips

June 20, 2017

Practicing Self-care is vital to your healing process. Whether you or someone you care about experienced or witnessed sexual violence, self-care is integral to recovery. Cleveland Rape Crisis Center has created a list of self-care exercises and ideas for you to try. Physical Activity Motivating yourself to engage in physical activity can be difficult, but...continue

For Male Survivors: 5 Things to Know

June 15, 2017

1 in 71 men are survivors of rape. Cleveland Rape Crisis Center offers services for male survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Below are five things for male survivors of rape to know if they’re thinking about reaching out for help. You are not alone. Rape or sexual abuse of males is more common than...continue

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