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November 4, 2020

Dear Friend:

This is urgent. Survivors of rape, sexual abuse, and human trafficking are reaching out for help more than ever before.

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center needs your help as we seek funding to support our core services through the Cuyahoga County budget process. Your voice can make a difference.

Take action today in three easy steps:

  1. Find out who your council member is here.
  2. Pick a message from our sample messages or create your own.
  3. Call or email your council member using the contact information we’ve provided.

Thank you for advocating for survivors in our community.

Sondra Miller
President & CEO
Cleveland Rape Crisis Center



Sample Messages

  • Survivors of sex trafficking need your help! Please support the mission and work of Cleveland Rape Crisis Center to ensure that survivors in Cuyahoga County can continue to access the healing services they need and deserve.

  • Women, men, and children in Cuyahoga County are especially vulnerable to human trafficking and sexual violence during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please support Cleveland Rape Crisis Center so they can continue to provide critical services to victims during their time of greatest need.

  • Please help sustain the services of Cleveland Rape Crisis Center in Cuyahoga County. Far too many women, children and men in our community need their help.

  • Cleveland Rape Crisis Center helped me when I needed it the most. Please prioritize support for Cleveland Rape Crisis Center so that others may receive their services as well.


Cuyahoga County Council Contact Information

Not sure who your Council member is? Look it up here.

County Executive Armond Budish:, (216) 443-7181

Council President Dan Brady:, (216) 698-2014

Councilwoman Nan Baker:, (216) 698-2047

Councilwoman Shontel Brown:, (216) 698-2023

Councilwoman Yvonne Conwell:, (216) 698-2017

Councilman Michael Gallagher:, (216) 698-2015

Councilman Pernel Jones, Jr.:, (216) 698-2019

Councilman Dale Miller:, (216) 698-2011

Councilman Jack Schron:, (216) 698-2016

Councilwoman Sunny Simon:, (216) 698-2035

Councilwoman Cheryl Stephens:, (216) 698-2022

Councilman Scott Tuma:, (216) 698-2013