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Sexual Assault: Where Do Ohio Survivors Turn for Help? (Public News Service)

December 18, 2017

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“COLUMBUS, Ohio — Advocates for women say the wave of high profile sexual abuse allegations is helping survivors in Ohio find their voices. But who can they trust?

“In a survey of Cuyahoga County residents, most respondents said if they needed assistance after a sexual assault, they would turn to a doctor, nurse, teacher or caseworker. Sondra Miller, president and CEO of the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, said the findings underscore how important it is for people in those roles to know how to respond to a survivor immediately following such a disclosure.

“‘What can I do to let these individuals know I’m a safe person to talk about this?’ Miller said. ‘How can I be trained and how can I have the skills to respond compassionately, and in a way that helps survivors overcome trauma, as opposed to re-traumatizing them?'”


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