Resources for Families During COVID-19

April 24, 2020


During this current public health crisis, families are facing uncertainty and new, unprecedented challenges. Cleveland Rape Crisis Center has compiled a list of resources that may help you navigate these challenges.

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center’s offices are currently closed, but employees are working to support survivors of rape and sexual abuse via telehealth services. To learn more, contact our 24/7 Crisis & Support Hotline, which is available by text/call at (216) 619-6192 or by chatting on our website.


How to Support Your Children Right Now


Resources and Information for Families


Childcare Centers for Essential Workers


Trainings for Parents

  • Protecting Children During a Crisis
    Free, 30-minute online training for parents and caregivers
    Develop personalized strategies to address the unique challenges of keeping kids safe during this time.
  •  Additional trainings offered either online (in English and Spanish) at or through virtual group sessions via zoom facilitated by Kimberly Schonhorst (check our Facebook events for more information) at Cleveland Rape Crisis Center. Please contact if interested in a specific training.
    • Stewards of Children: 2 hours in length for parents, caregivers, family members, teachers, staff/volunteers of youth serving organizations, and concerned adults. Learn to recognize, prevent, and respond to child sexual abuse
    • Talking with Children About Safety from Sexual Abuse:  45 minutes in length. How to have age-appropriate and open conversations about our bodies, sex, and boundaries – an important step in protecting children from sexual abuse. Designed to supplement Stewards of Children
    • Healthy Touch for Children and Youth: 45 minutes in length. Guidelines for healthy touch and safe and respectful ways to interact with children. Designed to supplement Stewards of Children
    • Bystanders Protecting Children from Boundary Violations and Sexual Abuse: 45 minutes in length. You will learn how to be an active bystander in child sexual abuse prevention and response, how you can make spontaneous and planned interventions that reinforce boundaries and protect children. Designed to supplement Stewards of Children.
    • Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: One hour in length. This course will teach you about the root cause of commercial sexual exploitation (any sexual activity involving a child for which something of value is given or promised) and why preventing sexual abuse is important to reducing the risk of children being sexually exploited. Designed to supplement Stewards of Children.


24/7 Crisis & Support Hotline

Call or Text (216) 619-6192 or (440) 423-2020 or chat online, any time.