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No Consequences if Rape Kits Not Submitted Within 30 Days (News 5)

February 27, 2018

Sarah Trimble News 5 Interview

“CLEVELAND – News 5 first broke the story over six years ago – learning nearly 14,000 rape kits had been sitting on shelves untested, some dating back to the 1970’s.

“Just last week, the Ohio Attorney General announced the backlog of rape kits had been cleared. News 5 has since learned that’s not entirely true – the Cleveland Police Department, until recently, was still holding on to some untested kits.

“Starting in 2011, AG Mike Dewine asked police departments statewide to send the untested evidence to a crime lab. In 2014, a state law passed requiring all law enforcement to submit rape kits within 30 days.”

“‘Survivors submitted the evidence to be tested, and we believe that it should be,’ said Rape Crisis Center chief external affairs officer Sarah Trimble.”


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