Dear Survivors

October 8, 2018

Believe Survivors

Dear Survivors:

The last few weeks have been painful.  The news.  The social media posts. The politicians who had a lot to say about sexual assault, but were not interested in listening.

I am sorry for every moment when you felt like your story was challenged, your truth questioned or your experience ridiculed.  We know it feels personal.  It is personal.  And it’s not OK.

Every time our society demeans, belittles, mocks, patronizes, ignores or vilifies a survivor who comes forward, it becomes harder for other survivors to come forward with their stories of rape and sexual abuse.

And we know that survivors are facing these same challenges here in our community.  We see survivors daily who aren’t believed, listened to, valued, and who come up against barrier after barrier.  We are committed to believing survivors when they come forward, and supporting them every step of the way.

The work of Cleveland Rape Crisis Center has never felt more important.  More than ever, we are dedicated to changing our culture so that all survivors are believed, supported and able to seek the justice they deserve – whenever they are ready and no matter how long ago they were hurt.

Preventing sexual violence is not only possible, it is possible within our lifetimes.  But first our society must change the culture that silences survivors’ stories and leaves power and privilege unchecked.  This is not easy work, but we are up for the challenge.

To those of you who felt safe enough to do so, thank you for using your voices to advocate for change.  For those who have not yet decided to speak out, we support you in that decision too.

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center is here 24/7 to listen and support you and we are as committed as ever to eradicating sexual violence from our world.


Sondra Miller
President & CEO
Cleveland Rape Crisis Center


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