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Cleveland Police Failed to Send Recent Rape Kits for Testing (

February 14, 2018

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“CLEVELAND, Ohio –  Cleveland police failed over three years to send hundreds of rape kits collected from sexual assault victims to a lab for testing, in violation of state law.

“An Ohio law that took effect in 2015 requires rape kits to be sent to a lab within 30 days.

“The department discovered in 2017 that a detective responsible for transporting the evidence to the county-run crime lab had not been submitting all of the kits in a timely manner, creating what the department referred to in emails as a ‘backlog.’

“Cleveland Rape Crisis Center President & CEO Sondra Miller said she’s ‘disheartened’ that the department didn’t follow established protocols to send every sexual assault evidence kit to a crime lab for testing.

“‘Behind each and every kit there is a human being who was harmed in an immeasurable way,’ she said. ‘People deserve better.'”


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