Grants & Contracts Department Spotlight

One of the main goals of the Grants & Contracts team is to raise money for CRCC along with maintaining and expanding relationships with those that donate and grant the agency money in order to provide the services and resources CRCC promotes. While aggressively continuing to reach out to new funders and potential partners. 

Our work helps further the mission of CRCC by bringing in funds to finance the monthly bills for our daily operations and programs for our clients.

We rely on the data that goes into the apricot data base from the staff because it helps our team relay the information on how important and vital our work is and why we request the amount of money we request. And this is the best way we receive our information. Funders ask a lot of questions and it is our job to give them all of the information needed in order to give us the best chances at receiving those funds.

There will be federal grant opportunities in the future. Even though it will be an enormous amount of work it is all be worth it because people across the country are exposed to what CRCC represents and how innovative our staff truly is.