Office Re-Opening Update

CRCC Advocates:

We completed our second day of in-person client appointments at CRCC offices. Here’s a sample of what I heard from you:

  • It was a breath of fresh air to be in the office again.
  • I had a really powerful session with a client that made my day.
  • My client was very receptive and appreciative of our safety protocols.
  • Latonya is such a warm presence for clients as they enter our office. Her smile is visible behind the mask!

As promised, we are getting ready to resume even more mission-critical, in-person client services as part our “Phase II” plan. The attached document outlines safety protocols in place for employees conducting CRCC business in locations outside of our physical offices. This includes services delivered at partner agencies such as hospitals, police stations, Child Advocacy Center, courtrooms, prosecutor offices and other government agencies.

  • Decisions will be made on a partner-by-partner basis, according to communications with each partner agency about their operations and safety protocols.
  • CRCC is seeking employees who are ready, willing and able to respond to in-person support requests at approved locations as early as next week. Please discuss this with your supervisor.
  • By June 1, all employees who provide direct services are expected to be available for in-person requests.
  • We expect in-person service requests will start slow and increase in frequency over time.


Further guidance will be provided about CRCC work conducted in community-based public settings, such as schools and health fairs. Employees are asked not to engage in activities in these settings at this time.

The teams who are most directly impacted by these safety protocols will receive more communication from their Program Directors and supervisors. Those who have questions or wish to discuss individual circumstances are encouraged to contact their supervisor and/or Human Resources. Maryse can assist employees in understanding employee benefit eligibility.

Further information will be provided at the All-Staff meeting next Wed, May 20 from 9:00-10:30 via Teams. This meeting should already be on your calendars. An agenda will be distributed on Monday.


It was a joy to learn that clients were welcomed into our offices today and that CRCC’s support will extend to even more survivors. Thank you to the Access to Care team for coordinating our operations and to the providers who delivered these life-changing and life-saving services. Our clients depend on us and I am grateful to each and every person who has adapted their work to meet survivors’ needs.

Remind me, how does this work?

Clients will be offered both tele-health (M-F) and in-office services (Tuesdays and Thursdays) at Shaker Square, Mentor, Westlake and Halle offices. Client demand will determine how quickly CRCC opens for additional hours/days. Remote work is encouraged for employees whose job responsibilities allow.

What happens next?

Leadership is working on a plan to resume in-person support services at partner-based locations, such as the Child Advocacy Center, police departments or hospitals. I expect to share a preview of this plan by the end of the week and to operationalize it quickly thereafter. Mission-critical, in-person services will be offered to more survivors soon. Job responsibilities that can be performed remotely will continue to be performed remotely.

What is my productivity expectation right now?

This is a discussion to have with your supervisor. The pandemic has impacted different teams in different ways, with some working over capacity to handle the increased workload and others experiencing a substantial decrease. We expect a surge in client demand over the coming months and teams should be preparing now to meet those needs.

Your efforts to adapt our work to meet the current and ever-evolving needs of survivors and our community are appreciated.