24-Hour Services Spotlight

A text or call to the hotline, or support in the hospital provided by the 24-Hour Services Team are often the first interaction that survivors, their loved ones, and the community have with Cleveland Rape Crisis Center.

Our dedicated Client Access Specialists work around the clock every day, to provide support and information to survivors through the phone, text and chat hotline. In addition, CAS’s go out to hospitals and police precincts to provide face-to-face advocacy, supporting survivors during medical exams and/or their initial report to police, providing support, information, and connections to services to help the survivor heal.

In 2019, our team fielded more than 4,100 phone calls, and around 1,400 texts and 1,400 chats, for a total of 6,924 contacts.

In 2019, the team provided face-to-face advocacy 275 times, providing critical support for survivors at hospitals, police stations, and other social service agencies.

This year, the team is working on refining and improving the newest component of our department – managing the intake process and making it easier and faster for survivors to access services. Our efforts over the last year have resulted in reducing the amount of time it takes from a phone call to getting an appointment by over 50%.

Fun fact: we have heard from similar organizations from other states who are impressed at how efficient our agency is compared with their operations!

Thank you to the 24-hour services team for your hard work every day supporting survivors 24/7!

Client Access Coordinators:
Rachel Smith
Erin Kelley
Mallory Krolikowski

Client Access Specialist:
Cynthia Arnold
Melanie Glavic
Keri Grove
Megan Hillbery
Jenna Juchnik
Valerie Lightner
Rachel Porrello
Anna Rostomyan
Katlyn Smith