2020 Employee Committees

Thank you to all of the staff members who volunteered to be a part of an employee committee in 2020! Below, please learn more about the committees and who is serving this year.

Employee Engagement Committee

The Employee Engagement Committee’s purpose is to identify initiatives which can be implemented to increase employee engagement and employee satisfaction by analyzing the causes for lack of engagement via research and employee feedback.

2020 Employee Engagement Committee members:
• Shanell Gist, Victim Specialist
• Josh Gohlike, Manager of Program Quality Assurance & Systems
• Hollie Marcola-Pichla, Executive Assistant
• Anna Rostomyan, Client Access Specialist

Equity & Inclusion Council
Members of the Equity & Inclusion Council serve as ambassadors, advisors, and accountability partners for cultivating an equitable and inclusive environment at CRCC. They design and support efforts to build trust and capacity to support issues of oppression, restorative practices, equity, diversity and inclusion within our organization.

2020 Equity & Inclusion Council members:
• Breanna Allen, Victim Specialist
• Katherine Bernola, Project STAR Victim Specialist
• Kimberly Cunningham, Human Resources Manager
• Kim Haggerty, Community Engagement Specialist (Co-Chair)
• Joshua Hill, Prevention Specialist
• Shelley Hunt, Director of Victim Services (Co-Chair)
• Wendy Leatherberry, Director of Grants & Contracts
• Marci Lieber, Manager of Case Management
• Sondra Miller, President & CEO
• Teresa Stafford, Chief Advocacy Officer

Hogar Consuelo Committee
The Hogar Consuelo Committee’s purpose is to increase the number of Latinx survivors who access CRCC services, and to meet the needs of Latinx survivors who face additional cultural and linguistic challenges. The committee also works to increase CRCC’s visibility in the Latinx community through education, outreach and community partnerships.

2020 Hogar Consuelo Committee members:
• Ruth Nieves, Victim Specialist
• Olga Rosado, Hogar Consuelo Manager
• Yari Soto Perez, Victim Specialist
• Ruth Sudilovsky-Pecha, Trauma Therapist
• Rachel Wright, Volunteer and Internship Coordinator

Social Justice Committee
The Social Justice Committee is committed to educating and bringing awareness to staff on other social justice issues that intersect with sexual violence and impact the communities we serve.

2020 Social Justice Committee members:
• Kyra Alexander, Victim Specialist
• Delaney Fello, Manager of SAKI (Chair)
• Josh Gohlike, Manager of Program Quality Assurance & Systems
• Teresa Stafford, Chief Advocacy Officer
• Mary Margaret Whitney, Victim Specialist
• Rachel Wright, Volunteer and Internship Coordinator


Stay tuned for more info about QAC in 2020!